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Kennedy/Brannon is conveniently located in new offices near the Spartanburg County Courthouse in Downtown Spartanburg. Its four attorneys handle a wide variety of cases with professionalism, compassion and a dedication to each client.

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The team at Kennedy/Brannon is all experienced in the areas of family law, divorce, domestic law, business litigation and criminal cases. Whether you need an aggressive divorce attorney in Spartanburg or an experienced child custody or alimony lawyer in Greenville, our team has the lawyers and staff to professionally handle your case.

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Partner Christopher D. Kennedy, a Spartanburg native who has been in practice since 2009, is known for his fierce advocacy in the courtroom on behalf of his clients.

Partner N. Douglas Brannon has in recent years emerged as one of the state’s foremost attorneys in the area of alimony reduction cases. He fights aggressively in alimony cases and contested divorce issues, such as custody and visitation.

Kenneth Shabel, who was the lead attorney in the Spartanburg County Department of Social Services for five years prior to joining Kennedy/Brannon, is highly regarded in the areas of child custody, visitation rights, adoption and child protection matters. He has a reputation as an excellent mediator and also as a Guardian Ad Litem.

Our lawyers are trained for and experienced in litigation, negotiation and mediation in South Carolina.

Lawyers for Upstate South Carolina

Kennedy/Brannon regularly represents clients from all over the Upstate of South Carolina, including (but not limited to) cases located in Spartanburg, Cherokee, Union, Greenville, Pickens, Laurens and Anderson Counties. Kennedy/Brannon also represents clients throughout the state of South Carolina.

Our Staff

The law firm of Kennedy/Brannon is comprised of four attorneys and four supporting staff members working as paralegals or legal assistants. Together, we work for our clients by researching, communicating and advocating for them every step of the way. Our experienced staff includes:





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