Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers

At Kennedy/Brannon, we are trained and prepared to guide you through your Estate Planning Process. Whether you just need a simple will or a complicated living trust, we can assist you to make life as simple on your families and beneficiaries as possible.

If your loved one needs care and cannot take care of themselves, the South Carolina Probate Courts allow you to ask for the authority to make decisions for those who cannot make decisions for themselves. Kennedy/Brannon can assist you through this process.

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If you need to Probate your loved one’s estate, you can find yourself immersed in paperwork that can be complicated and, sometimes, unnecessary. The lawyers at Kennedy/Brannon have the expertise to take the worry and paperwork out of your hands.

Our lawyers have represented clients in Probate cases throughout the Upstate South Carolina, including Spartanburg, Greenville, and Cherokee counties. We’re ready to help you.

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