Child Custody, Visitation Rights & Child Support

If you’re going through a separation or divorce in South Carolina, then you’re likely very concerned about the welfare of your children. Whether you want sole custody and need child support payments, or whether you’re negotiating for shared custody or visitation rights, the family court lawyers of Kennedy/Brannon are experienced in all aspects of child custody, visitation rights and child support cases.

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Kenneth Shabel worked for two years in South Carolina Legal Services, then became the lead attorney for Spartanburg County Department of Social Services, where he served for over five years. Now with Kennedy/Brannon, Ken is uniquely qualified to represent people in family court on issues concerning their children.

If you’re negotiating child custody or visitation, fighting for child support or looking to adjust your child alimony, contact the law firm of Kennedy & Brannon today. Our attorneys are experienced litigators in courts in Spartanburg, Union, Cherokee, Laurens, Pickens, Greenville and Anderson counties.

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