Alimony / Spousal Support

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a payment created after a divorce in which a spouse earning significantly more money is required to make payments to the lesser-earning spouse so that s/he can maintain a certain standard of living. Alimony is designed to protect one spouse from financial suffering after a divorce, though sometimes this process can be abused.

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Determining alimony in South Carolina divorces

The state of South Carolina does not have an exact mathematical equation or formula for determining alimony. Instead, the judge in the divorce case will consider the particular situation to decide on alimony payments (whether they are necessary, what amount they should be and their duration). Factors that a divorce court will consider in setting alimony include:

  • Length of marriage.
  • The lesser-earning spouse's ability to return to the workforce. (This considers education and work history, as well as skills and earning potential.)
  •  Adultery, abuse or other "at-fault" reasons for the divorce.
  • Injuries or sickness affecting either spouse.
  • Ability of the parties to afford alimony or to live without it.

The judge will also make a ruling on what type of alimony to order and and its duration and payment method. Types of alimony in South Carolina include permanent, periodic alimony, lump sum alimony, reimbursement alimony and rehabilitative alimony.

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At Kennedy/Brannon, our lawyers have experience on both sides of the alimony discussion: we’ve helped disadvantaged spouses secure or increase alimony to maintain their standard of living, and we’ve also helped higher-earning spouses successfully reduce alimony payments when it becomes clear they are no longer necessary.

Partner Doug Brannon has in recent years emerged as one of South Carolina’s foremost attorneys in the area of alimony reduction cases. He fights aggressively for alimony cases and contested divorce issues such as custody and visitation.

If you’re ready to discuss your divorce, custody, alimony, spousal support or alimony reduction case, contact the lawyers at Kennedy/Brannon Law Firm today.

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